Ecommerce to Sell Clothes Online: 10 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your Sales

best apps for ecommerce to sell clothes online

Buying clothing online is a harrowing experience. The industry, can’t agree on standard sizing, weight, texture, and draping are difficult experiences to show in a photo, and colors are modified by screen settings.

It is no surprise that the return rate for the clothing industry is 40% (10% higher than the average across ecommerce industries).

While the rules and practices for running an ecommerce store are the same, regardless of the product, clothing stores have their own needs and preferences.

Luckily, the Shopify App Store has great options for fashion businesses and apps that can help you sell more.

These are the best apps for ecommerce to sell clothes online.



Oberlo is one of the best apps for dropshipping. It allows you to import products from AliExpress, together with image and description, set the price, and offer to your website visitors.

Once customers order a product, confirm the order. You don’t need to worry about anything else. You can start a store without inventory.

If you don’t have a supplier, Oberlo is a great option for you. Using the app is free if you have less than 50 orders per month. For more, you need to pay $29.90 per month or get the Pro Plan for $79.90 with no limitations.



Kit is another great app owned by Shopify. It offers marketing automation and comes handy if you have no idea what is custom audience or how to retarget. The goal of this app is to drive more customers via targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook.

The app has a thousand reviews, however, the rating is not perfect. Seems that many users are having troubles with integrating the app to all accounts. The app is completely free.


Shop the Look

Shop the Look is one of the best Shopify apps for fashion stores. For each product you are selling, you can set one main product and additional products. When browsing your website the customer is attracted to purchase the main product. The additional products are presented on the product page, usually below the main product.

This is a new app and it has a few reviews. If you want to run an ecommerce store to sell clothes and scale your business in the future, I really recommend giving this app a try. The price is $19.90 per month.


Social Photos

Showing your product on different body types is a great way to sell your products. Your customers can get a better idea of how the pants would fit their body. Combine Instagram photos using a hashtag and import them into a galley on your product page.

The app costs $10-$50 per month.


Product Filter & Search

Online clothing stores offer a lot of products, variants, brands, etc. Sometimes, it may be difficult for the customer to search through the store to find the product he or she is looking for.

This app allows you to create custom filters based on brands, collections, size, and colors and place on your store.

Besides filtering, the app also offers real-time search within the product collections. Product Filter & Search also displays product reviews within the search presented which is really helpful. Both options look great form UX point of view and what is even more important – are optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers.

There is no doubt that this app was designed by a team of creative designers who put a lot of thought into it.

The app is relatively new, however, most of the reviews are positive. Using the app will cost you $19 per month for up to 1000 products.



If you want to get more from your customer reviews, you need to get this app. Loox allows you to collect photo reviews and publish them on the product pages. Experts say that picture reviews are much more powerful than the written reviews and they can boost your conversions and sales.

Though it may not be easy to have your customers sending you private photos, the idea is to reward them with a discount. The app also supports Google microdata and takes care of your reviews automatically by sending emails to your customers, after they made a purchase.

The app has great reviews. It starts $9.99 per month for 100 emails.

Increase repeat purchases by rewarding customers through a loyalty program. With this app, you can offer points to customers for sharing on social media, leaving reviews or referring friends.

It is free to download. If you want to upgrade to Enterprise Solution, you need to pay $59/month.


Order Printer Templates

Selling clothes for money is part of running an ecommerce store. Printing packing slips, generating invoices, etc. are also typical processes for any online stores. Managing returns is unavoidable when you are in the clothing industry.

By using this app, you can do all these, faster and simpler. The app allows you to create packing slips, invoices, and gift receipts. The plug offers 1-click transactions to 10 languages.

Order Printer Templates is one of the best Shopify apps for paperwork management. There is no subscription fee and the setup fee is $29.


Kiwi Sizing Chart

Sizing is one of the most important elements of selling clothes online. People are usually afraid that the size of the product they ordered won’t fit. The solution is to provide customers with sizing measures.

This app allows you to manage the sizing charts of all your products. The charts are inserted in your product page. The app supports unit conversions from inches to centimeters, etc.

The design of the app is a bit outdated but does the job and that is what’s important. The free plan includes 2 sizing charts while the premium plan ($5.49 per month) includes more.


Back in Stock

This is a great app for informing your customers about restocking new products. Customers can leave their email and you will notify them when their favorite products are back in stock.

The app is expensive and will cost you from $19 per month.


Are you already using any of these apps to sell clothes online?

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