Questions That Can Help You Select and Start a Business In 2019

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Coming up with a business idea is a daunting task to many would-be entrepreneurs. You must turn the internet upside down, engage friends and family brainstorm with experts in the field to find unique business ideas. But even after doing all that, you might come out without any great business ideas. We have eliminated the trouble by highlighting the questions that can guide you to choosing successful business ideas. Let get straight to them:

·        Is your level of preparedness to start a business high enough?

You are the key to finding the next great business idea. Reason? Building out a prosperous business empire begins with you. Do you have the required mindset to start a business? Do you have or can you manufacture the required traits to start, manage and grow a business? Your mindset is key because it will determine your longevity to run and grow the business. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you must have a high-risk bearing capacity, be thoroughly prepared to deal with the massive challenges that come on the way, be able to handle business failures, and know that making mistakes in business and life is okay. Before you even decide on the kind of business to start, make sure you ask yourself these questions.

·        How much startup capital do you have to start a business?

The business you choose to start will hinge on the startup capital you have, or you can access. For example, a prospective entrepreneur with $1000 and another one with a million dollars cannot start the same kind of business. An entrepreneur with $1000 startup capital may consider starting an e-commerce store, while an entrepreneur with a million-dollar startup capital may look to venture into the distribution or manufacturing business. That means that startup capital is critical when looking to start a business.

·        Are those in your business team competent enough to help you start a business and run it

The type of business venture you choose will hinge on the experience, expertise, and competence of your management team. Having a great, competent team means soliciting capital to partake large projects won’t be a daunting task. But if you run your business on your own, then the kind of business you choose will be quite different, and you are bound to be overwhelmed with challenges.

·        Is your business plan strong enough to help you start a business on a stronger note?

Any business owner with the right plan, accompanied by the right business team and the right mindset has the greatest possibilities of succeeding when undertaking big projects. Without the right business plan, you will have to run the business on a slim budget. That kind of business will be hard to scale. The type of business you will choose will largely depend on your personal and business plan.

·        What kind of business ideas do you harbor in your mind?

The best entrepreneur ideas for the beginner vary from one person to another, and this hinges on the entrepreneur’s ideology and the current situations. The current situations include your passion, skill, and hobby, as well as demographics, geographical terrain, psychographics, supply, demand, and economic policy. For example, a great business idea to execute for someone in the United States, India, or Canada will greatly differ from someone in China or Nigeria. So, your business idea must conform to the current situation to have any possibilities of becoming a reality.

Note that today’s world is littered with great ideas, but it lacks innovative entrepreneurs to harness them.  You can have a million-dollar business idea, but if you lack the right mindset, a competent business team, and a superb business plan, you may not be able to make it as an entrepreneur.

Top B2B Growth Hacking Tools for Your Startup

business tips

Every business-to-business (B2B) marketer or entrepreneur is hard at work looking for strategies to propel their business. For startups, growth hacking is one of the main strategies to achieve faster growth. What is growth hacking? You might ask. Well, it’s a combination of different things, such as product, tech, analytics and creative marketing. When all these things are combined, you get a perfect weapon to grow your business faster than the competition.  Growth hacking is vital because traditional marketing channels are expensive. It’s also important because there are more than a hundred million developers out there creating awesome stuff to direct the attention of the same group of customers towards them. That said, here are the tools that will help you with your B2B growth hacking efforts:

· is the best B2B growth hacking tool out there

Currently, grabbing the customer’s attention and spurring engagement with your content is the surefire way to succeed as an entrepreneur.  Luckily can help you to do that. This tool assists you to find relevant and content keywords and topics that offer the greatest likelihood to be viewed by prospective customers on various social media platforms. This will allow you to come up with relevant, top-notch content that will engage customers, motivate them to share your content, and ramp up conversions with strategic call to actions (CTAs). Also, if you’re searching for a competitor research keyword, Buzzsumo is a great tool. It offers you detailed insights into the competition’s content that attracts the most engagement and in-depth detail about their performance. These insights will let you know about different techniques and strategies to guarantee that your content will get to your target audience.

· is a great B2B growth hacking tool to leverage

Email still dominates when it comes to beefing up engagements, sales, and customer experience. (a sales automation tool) lets you launch creative cold email campaigns that are truly warm. The tool also lets you conduct A/B tests on copies and subject, send follow-ups automatically with regards to your schedule, set up triggered calls and perform in-depth analytics to help you optimize your outreach campaigns. You can also use for various functions, such as inbound and outbound sales, fundraising, business development, and account management.

·        Take advantage of to optimize your B2B growth hacking efforts

GrowSumo is a platform that harbors a vibrant community of review sites, agencies, influencers, industrial professionals, and affiliates to create awareness for your brand and ramp up sales. With GrowSumo, you’re free to put up a reseller or an affiliate program and entice members to sell your products or services on your behalf in exchange for commissions and track their milestones via the GrowSumo referral links and reward influencers with a huge range of promotional campaigns.

· is an awesome B2B growth hacking tool

If you’re looking to schedule meetings easily, Calendly is your best bet. Scheduling is one of the best ways to grow your business. With this tool, you’ll alleviate the back-and-forth emails transmitted between you, the business team and the customers. Its high level of flexibility means it enables one-on-one or group meetings where those invited are free to choose the kind of people they would like to meet via a team-wide page. The tool lets businesses to easily schedule meetings with the right individuals, and this enables effective and efficient business optimization. On top of all that, the B2B growth hacking tool can be used for lead generation and sales acceleration.


Growth hacking is becoming popular these days due to the need for business owners to grow their businesses quickly. The tools highlighted above can help you achieve that milestone by organizing your business team members, using the right marketing channels, working in conjunction with industry professionals and evaluating your competitors.

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