6 Easy Ways to Fashion Brand Marketing: Sell Clothes Online Like a Pro

6 Easy Ways to Fashion Brand Marketing: Sell Clothes Online Like a Pro

Whether you are selling screen-printed t-shirts or design evening dresses, an effective marketing campaign is important for promoting your fashion brand.

By the end of this article, you will learn how your brand can get seen, how to focus on marketing to sell clothes online on social media, and how to use both traditional and modern promotional techniques.


Have a Brand Website

This sounds pretty simple. Having a website where you can add information and base your activities around is important for building your brand image.

Many brands start selling clothes in a marketplace and think that is enough. It is never a smart idea to put all your eggs in one basket. If you are already selling on eBay or Etsy, a lot of the hard work is already done.

You know how to sell clothes online for cash, you’ve already got traffic, and you know how to communicate with customers.

The website is where your brand lives, a place where visitors can discover more about your brand and the products you sell.

Selling on your own website and on marketplaces is called multichannel selling and it is a great way to get your name seen by more people.

The ideal ecommerce platform is one that can handle a lot of variants. The same product in different colors, sizes, etc. A platform that allows the users to update the homepage to present new arrivals is going to make your life so much easier.


Be Active on Social Media

Don’t take advantage of social media by only promoting yourself and your brand. No one is going to follow you on social media if all you do is use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to sell your products.

Social media plays a few different roles in the ecommerce world however, it is best for getting awareness and online publicity.

When you are seen by more people, you grow your audience, when the audience sees interesting content, they trust, when they trust, they visit your website, and when they like what they see, they purchase.

Using giveaways and exclusive discount codes are a great way to grow your audience. This kind of promotion helps you not only increase your social media following base but attract only loyal and engaged followers.

Engaged followers are interested in your brand and that is not just a generic account that is following you.

Once you are growing your following, it is important to post relevant, interesting, and engaging content.


Give Your Brand Personality

Did you know that you have less than seven seconds to capture customers’ attention? The better you treat your customers, the more you will sell.

As the designer and marketer for your brand, your mission is to sell clothes online for money fast and make your brand memorable.

Here are a few tips you can give your brand personality:

  • Good copywriting: Words and images are everything when selling online. You don’t cut corners on clothes photography, so don’t do it with words either. Good copywriting does a lot to help you define your image, as well as, make your fashionable brand memorable.
  • Custom packaging: Custom packaging is another great way to make your shop memorable, especially for first-time buyers. By using custom packaging, your customers are more likely to share photos of their new product among social media followers.
  • Use quality photography: It is better to use no photos than bad photos. If your photos are not good enough to be listed in a catalog, don’t use them. Spend more time, money, and effort in getting your product photos right.
  • About us: Having a page that shares your story is not something new. Liven your page up a bit. Have one page dedicated to your brand story, your mission, your goals, and another page dedicated to your professional team.
  • 404-page errors: It is not good to send people to a page that doesn’t load. If people are accidentally going to get on that page, you may want to make the experience pleasing for them.



By providing an informative and educational blog, you are building trust with your visitors and potential buyers. You can discuss things that are currently happening in the industry, new trends, how they affect you, etc.

The goal of the blog is to inform and educate the readers to a point they trust the brand and are ready to make a purchase.


Be a Stylist of Your Fashion Brand

Marketing your clothes business is not easy, especially if you are selling in a competitive niche. One way to differentiate from other stores is by using clear, simple, and concise product photography.

Look-books are what sells your product. Look-books are an old feature with one goal – to sell a look and inspire buyers. Look-books invoke an emotional response from customers. A well-designed book excites a visitor and can convince him to purchase the product.


Email Campaigns

Email marketing has gone hand in hand with selling online. It is an effective path into the face of people who have expressed an interest in your products.

Building an email list is no easy task. Boxes on your website with the text “Subscribe to our newsletter and stay on top of our news” isn’t that convincing.

You need to be more creative and look at other ways to obtain emails from your visitors. For example – Enter your email and get 10% off your first purchase.

This way, you will get the email address and increase the chances of getting a sale.

Armed with new information, we encourage you to try and see what works best for you and your fashionable store. Let us know what works for your brand or any other tips that you’ve already tried.

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