Need Inspiration to Start Business Sell Clothes Online? The Best 13 Clothing Stores and Their Tricks

There are many inspirational fashion stores and these 13 were chosen for their creative products, great user experience (UX), and clean design.

While in a physical store, the assistant can help visitors to decide what to purchase, in the online world is different. Most visitors want to see unique designs paired with great products.

If you are thinking of working in the clothing industry, a good place to start is with successful clothing brands. Starting business sell clothes online is a time-consuming and serious project. You want to do it right.

The following websites use an array of effective strategies for their shopping cart, newsletters, and their landing page. They didn’t become successful by chance. They’ve tested different approaches before finding the winning formula.

Scroll through the list of successful clothing stores and decide for yourself how to push your store forward.


Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim is a great example of how to sell clothes online business. The simple product pages feature product details without extra ads or buttons. Instead of going for the common “Customers also bought” they made it personal with “We love these too”. What a great idea, right?

The brand went one extra step and provided guidelines for their visitors. You can find tips on how to look after your clothing items.

The website is built using Shopify.



Who wouldn’t purchase from an online store that guarantees next day delivery at a cost of the product? This is one of the things I like about this brand.

Discount coupons and coupon codes is another advantage. They make the process of building the subscriber list very simple.

The theme of the website is modern, simple, and lovely.

The website is built using Magento.



The one thing that impressed me about this website is their online catalog. The site has an online catalog, but with a twist. Users handpick the items. Also, they can create stories using the products in the store with “Scrapbook” option.

There are scrapbook contests and registration is necessary to participate in the contest.


Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing has a great collection of models and the website looks hot. There is this message in the header that urges you to order and use discounted offers before they are gone.

The blog is like a honey trap. That is smart.

The website is built using Magento.


Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro sells vintage clothing. They are one of the most hipster stores around. If you open their website, you will notice that their About page is camouflaged. You will find it as Sustainability and it describes the goals and the vision of the store.

The store is built using Shopify.


Fashion Bunker

If you want to learn how to sell clothes online business, you need to learn from the best or in this case Fashion Bunker.

Fashion Bunker is an Australian retailer featuring some of the most creative and popular brands, together in one place.

The site welcomes you with 15% off the first purchase for subscribing to the newsletter. The customer purchases are displayed in the form of popup notifications.

The design is clean and simple, with lots of filter options. Not many websites have that many colors to choose from.

The store is built using Magento.


Forever 21

On their website, there is a message “Buy more and save more” and that is what attracts buyers from all over the world. The products are organized based on their purpose. The store gives you the impression that there is never a day without a special deal or sale.

Also, I must give them credit for the iconic name.



Zara is a brand that doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the most popular brands in the world and the online store is designed in a way that doesn’t throw out the products at the visitor’s face.

The font is basic, there is a subscribe form, a search bar, and the social media buttons at the bottom.

One word – simplicity.


Style Keepers

The New Arrivals option helps visitors find the newest products immediately without having to search through the items they’ve probably purchased.

There is an easy to access Contact page on the left side while the social media buttons (Facebook and Instagram) are on the right side.

The site welcomes you with a popup. It is built using Shopify.



Their main target group is students. The student discount is probably the first thing you’d notice on their website.

There is a premium delivery service, available in 13 countries.

The store is integrated with used social media channels. The widgets are located in the footer not causing any interruption to the viewer.



The store welcomes you with a discount offer (10% off) for subscribing to their newsletter. Yes, the good old subscribing strategy. Even if you click the X sign, the popup still hides on the right but doesn’t obstruct the UI.

Revolve is one of the few stores that focus on kids’ fashion.

They have a tempting back-in-stock button. Click and you will see the bestselling products.


Anine Bing

People today love to peep behind a brand and this one has a powerful blog to support her online clothing store. Anine also has an offline store.

She features things that her audience is interested in, for example, fashionable outfits, a healthy lifestyle, a peek into her personal life.

The landing page requires you to choose a region and the User Interface is flawless.

The website is built using Shopify.



COS has targeted newsletters. Their visitors can check the male or female box so they can receive relevant products in their mail.

The product categories are organized and you can easily find what you are looking for.

Finding the right approach is seeing what feels right and identifying your niche. These brands went through a lot of experimenting before finding the best approach.

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