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Did you know that there are more than 2.3 billion active Facebook accounts? People from all over the world are using this social media platform to get in touch with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Of course, there are many organizations that are using Facebook for business purposes too. It’s almost impossible to find a modern business that doesn’t have a Facebook business page. In this way, businesses can get in touch with their potential and loyal clients. In addition, they can now sell products on Facebook Messenger too.

In the past, Facebook has allowed businesses to use their pages to attract new clients, but they’ve made a few changes in the last few years that made it difficult for some businesses to reach their target audience. That’s why they have introduced a few new things too. One of these new things was the use of the Facebook Messenger app for business purposes. Today, you can complete an entire purchasing process within this app.

Just a few years ago, clients could contact a business directly on their Facebook page with a message on the wall or with a private message. If they liked the response and wanted to buy something, they had to leave Facebook and open the business’ website where they could continue with the process of purchasing things. Thanks to Facebook Messenger and its sales abilities, registered Facebook users don’t have to do this. As a business owner, you can add a buy button in messenger and potential clients can use this button when they want to buy something from your offer. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Once they click the button, users are redirected to the checkout page where each of them has a chance to check the total sum. The rest of the information that you will use is extracted from the FB messenger profile. This information includes customer’s full name, payment info, shipping details and more. The best part for the customers is that they have to fill in this info one time and it will be saved.

Keep in mind that the sale completed on Facebook is transferred to your business account via Stripe or PayPal. So, selling goods on the Facebook messenger is very easy, but you probably want to find more details and learn how to get most of it.

Using Facebook Messenger to Boost Sales

Whenever a Facebook user is checking your products on your FB Page or on your site, they can get additional information if they use Messenger. Instead of sending emails or filling forms, they can now use the Messenger app and get answers to their questions right away. In other words, customers can make a decision much faster which usually leads to more sales. Don’t forget that these questions are not shared publicly and most users appreciate that because they don’t want to share their interest with all their Facebook friends. This is a private conversation which is kept confidential. It’s interesting that Facebook provides information about your responsiveness which encourages users to ask questions. You can notice that on the right side of your Facebook page where it usually says “replies within few minutes” or “replies within few hours”.

Another thing that is quite helpful about selling things on the Facebook Messenger is that you can also use this app to offer real-time customer service. In case customers are experiencing problems or issues with their order, they can get answers quickly. Now compare this approach to public writings on your wall. This is a more discreet and efficient method. Let’s not forget that businesses often use Facebook Messenger to provide shipping info, confirmation details, discount codes, referral codes and other things to their customers.

Related to this, we should also mention that you can use Facebook Messenger to manage complaints. According to some surveys, it takes around 10 positive feedbacks to “cover” just 1 negative feedback. If you rely on Facebook Messenger, you will avoid situations like this. In case any of your clients have problems or complaints they can use Facebook Messenger to try to resolve this issue smoothly.

Now let’s analyze a situation where a client has bought one of your products and he has done this via Messenger. In addition, they have had a positive customer experience. It’s a smart idea to use this moment and situation to upsell your product. A good chat via Facebook Messenger can help you with that. When customers have an opportunity to talk to a real person that represents your company and knows how things work, they will gladly consider your additional offers.

Nowadays, many businesses are using automated bots for selling products on Facebook messenger. They can ask common questions and get automated replies. The bot can also greet them and thank them in specific situations. With these bots, you will create a similar atmosphere like the one found in land-based stores.

In case you are running a buffet or a restaurant or a bistro that offers takeaways, feel free to activate the share location feature via Facebook Messenger. In this way, you can provide a precise location for the next pickup. With this feature, customers will know where you are located and they will reach your premises easily.

These are just some of the things that make Facebook Messenger an excellent business tool especially if you are doing most of your business online.

To get the most from Facebook Messenger for business purposes, you should focus on finding the best method of integration, a method that can help you share your online store offer on Facebook. According to many experts, the best way to achieve this objective is to use Shopify. The world’s most famous eCommerce platform promises smooth integration with Facebook Messenger. If you use this platform you can allow users to finish the whole purchasing process via Facebook Messenger. The best part is that even the basic Shopify plan includes such integration so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

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