How to Make Money Dropshipping Clothes in 2019

best dropshipping practices for selling clothes online

Dropshipping clothing is a great way to start an online business without expensive investments in offices or inventory. It is a great hands-off approach with fruitful profits if you do it right, of course. While the clothing market is massive and competitive, there are a ton of items for sale at any given moment.

With that competition, you need to set your store apart from the rest of the retailers to make money dropshipping clothes.

Let’s see how dropshipping works and how to make your dropshipping business profitable.


How Does Dropshipping Work

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment concept that removes the middle man from the fulfillment process. For example, when a customer orders a product, the supplier will pack and ship the item to the customer. The products are kept at the supplier’s warehouse and you don’t handle any inventory.

All you need to do is handle any customer service problems. The supplier handles returns and other issues related to that.


Tips for Running a Successful Clothing Dropshipping Business

Let’s take a look at some of the best practices for making your clothing store successful.


Find Quality Dropshipping Suppliers Apparel (Dropshipping Clothing)

This is the most challenging step, however, it is definitely worth the time and research to find a supplier that is excited to work with you and has experience with satisfied customers. It is always recommendable to check online reviews dropshipping supplier apparel has to see if their clients are happy with the service, as well as, the products they offer.

One great approach to finding a supplier is to choose the clothing items you want to sell and contact the manufacturers. Some manufacturers have dropshipping services available and they can gladly assist your needs. This can cut down on your search and selection time.


Decide on Pricing

When you see set the prices for your products, there are a few different factors to consider. Make sure you consider all fees associated with selling a product so the cost of products sold leaves you room to make more money.

You will have third-party payment processor fees, fees from your dropshipper, and the wholesale cost of the product to consider. It is a smart idea to consider what your competitors are charging for similar products. If you set prices higher, your potential customers will shop with other brands.

Pricing is a delicate concern and you may have to do some testing (try different prices) to get it right.


Make Your Website Informative

The appearance of your website will be the main factor for potential customers to purchase something. Clothing websites need to be fun and trendy. A product or website listing needs to promote products.

As a retailer, you may not have access to the items and will need to use the manufacturer’s images. In this case, you need to make certain that your product descriptions are detailed and creative.

It is important to include:

  • Measurements: Your customers are purchasing online so including the measurements of the products is essential. This will help you obtain happy and satisfied customers.
  • Fabric content: Customers don’t get to feel your items so you must provide them as much information as possible, including the fabric content of each piece. A description of what the fabric feels like will help your customers make the right decision.
  • Washing instructions: If you are selling clothing that have to be dry-cleaned or have other specific washing instructions, mention that in your descriptions.
  • Brand name, type of item, and color in the title: There are customers who search through all products to see what suits them while others search for specific color or brand. You need to add those keywords in the product title to make sure the customers find your products.


Develop a Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to reach existing and potential customers is with social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. These sites are perfect for showcasing your products, find potential buyers, encourage customer reviews, and where you can advertise sales, specials, and upcoming events.

You may also consider email marketing. It is an easy way to send promotions, deals, and special offers right to your customer’s inbox. It is highly recommended to use an automated email marketing solution as it is easier to reach a large number of buyers with minimal effort.


Is Fashion a Profitable Dropshipping Niche?

Dropshipping clothes is one of the most popular business models among millennials who want to start their own ecommerce business. It needs knowledge, as well as, marketing skills to understand which dropshipping niche is good enough to invest in.

There are a few different products that come in, some more popular than others, but when it comes to apparel, the trends keep changing every two-three months. If you are planning to start as a dropshipping store specialized in clothing, you must be aware of the trends with regard to new colors, fabrics, and styles.

Women’s clothing is one of the best-ranked categories in the dropshipping niche. If you are thinking of expanding your store in women’s fashion clothing, good for you because you are on the right track.

There is definitely a demand for clothing in today’s market for you to run a successful clothing store. Dropshipping makes it easier and less expensive for online sellers and entrepreneurs. As long as you follow our tips, collaborate with reputable suppliers, and sell high-quality products, you will see growth and success in your business.

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