Effective Marketing to Sell Clothes Online: 13 Must-Try Methods

Effective Marketing to Sell Clothes Online

So, you’ve decided to sell clothes online?

Maybe you want to make some extra room in your closet, maybe you went all in the last sale, making a lot of money and now you want to do it again, regardless of the reason, the online resale market is a great opportunity for all who want to start their own business. The market is thriving and there are more ways than ever before of earning some extra cash.

Here is a helpful guide with 13 tips on effective marketing to sell clothes online.


#1: Choose the Best Name for Your Store

Think about the products you are going to sell and name your brand and store accordingly. There are many options. For example, you can use your own name: Mary’s Clothes, stick to the brand you are going to sell or come up with a name to sound more vintage: Olivia’s Carpet Bag.


#2: Choose a Niche

You need to remember one thing – you can’t cater to everyone and you shouldn’t. It is best to choose one or two types of clothing you want to sell and stick to it as much as possible. For example, you can sell vintage shirts or plus size pants. There will be times when you stray from your niche and you will realize that is not a good idea because you don’t have the interest from your repeat buyers.


#3: Take Great Photos

Once you’ve picked a store name and selected a niche, start taking photos. If you want to attract attention and sell clothes online fast I recommend using a good camera to take photos. You can hang the clothes, model them or do a flat lay, it is up to you to decide. There should be photos of the front, back, labels, any detailing, for example, a special printed pattern, fancy pockets, and any flaws such as marks or damages.

To show the size of the marks, put a coin alongside it.


#4: Include a Measurements Chart In the Photos

You can find measurements charts online. All you need to do is type in the brand name and measurements chart into Google and you will find an image. Upload this along with your clothing photos.

This will save questions from your buyers who will want to know more details. If you can’t find a chart that relates to your clothes, you can always use the templates available on Sizely.


#5: People Prefer to See the Clothes Being Worn

When shopping online for clothes, people like to see the clothes being worn or what to pair it with. This way the buyer could see how the jacket or pants will fit them and give him some ideas of what they could combine it with.


#6: List Your Clothes at a Popular Listing Time

If you sell clothes online for cash on an auction site, do some research first and discover the most popular end listing times. Keep in mind that this may differ from country to country. For example, in Australia, Sunday night is quite popular and many users are trying to win the bid. This will drive your price higher than listing your clothes on Wednesday afternoon.


#7: Write a Killer Description

Some buyers are only buying from your description so make sure to describe it in detail. If you are not sure of what material or color your shirt is, you can research using Google. There are plenty of tutorials describing different styles of clothing.

Don’t forget to include measurements (length, bust, waist…). Include the measurements with your product description or use one of the templates on Sizely. Some customers will want to know the measurements of stretched and unstretched clothing.


#8: Be Realistic with The Price

It is hard to price clothes you love and already worn. What is the bottom number that you would accept?

If you are purchasing clothes to sell wholesale, it is best to sell them at recommended retail prices. If you are selling thrift shop buyers, try doubling what you paid for it.

Maybe you have tried to sell clothes online for money in the past and if you have been unsuccessful, try lowering your prices. Check out what other sellers and stores are pricing their items.


#9: Interact with Customers

A very important part of marketing when selling clothes online is interacting with customers. Your customers will ask lots of questions. Even if they don’t purchase this time, they might the next so be polite and answer all of their questions.


#10: Wrap Your Clothing

Time to wrap your clothing and impress the buyer. Bubble wrap is probably the best option, in addition to the way you send your products. If the package gets wet, the product won’t be destroyed because it is been carefully wrapped up by you.


#11: Make Them Remember You

You can include a business card plus a little treat for your customers in your sales. If you have handmade jewelry, you can tape it in a little plastic bag to the business card. Your business card should be simple and include your logo and your contact information.


#12: Leave Good Comment or Feedback

If the website or marketplace you use asks you to leave a comment, thank them for the speed of payment, their service, their friendly matter. Don’t ask your customers to leave you feedback as that is the last thing you want to do right now. Most of them will skip leaving a comment or don’t know how to do so.


#13: Present More Products for Repeat Customers

Once you’ve sold some products, it is important to keep up the momentum. Your customers might be interested in what you have to offer next so it is best to have something for them to see and hopefully make another purchase.


Happy selling!

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