How to Select Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Clothing Business

find dropshipping suppliers for clothing

Selecting suppliers is an important step that every dropshipping clothing business needs to take. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking for suppliers.

Even if you already know exactly which products you want to sell, you need to make sure you find the right dropshipping suppliers for your clothing store.


Finding Dropshipping Suppliers for Clothing Stores

Dropshipping suppliers are not known for their skills to market themselves to their audience, so finding the right one can be an overwhelming task.

Finding dropshipping suppliers for your clothing business could take a while. Another thing you should consider during your search is that you are choosing a supplier which may be based in USA, UK or anywhere in Europe. The language barrier could also be a problem.

Nevertheless, you can find the right supplier and here is how:



Once you’ve decided on the products you like to sell, research which suppliers are out there and which ones can suit your needs best. Eventually, you will have to choose whether you want to go with a domestic or an international supplier, depending on the number of suppliers in your product niche. It is important to dive deep into delivery times, raw material sourcing, and service potential.


Contact Dropshipping Suppliers

Talk to the supplier that suits your business needs and start a conversation with them. Communicating with them allows you to ask questions about the services they provide. Some suppliers may provide you with contact information from some of the current customers so you can get a closer experience of working with the supplier before making a deal and committing to them.

Maintaining a good relationship with your suppliers from the beginning means that when you start doing business, you will have trust and understanding. This will make it easier to get all questions answered on time and issues resolved quickly.


Order Samples

Once you’ve selected your top three suppliers to do business with, it is time to order samples from them. This is an opportunity to test the delivery times, quality of service, packaging, and other questions you may have so you are satisfied with the decision you made.

Ordering samples is an important part of selecting dropship suppliers for clothing stores as it allows you to witness how customers will experience your product and your store in general.


Order from The Competitors

If one of the competitors is using the same dropshipping supplier as you then you can discover how the supplier packages the products. It is best to come up with your own, custom labeling, but still, you need ideas.

If your competitor uses other dropshipping service companies you can order from them to get an idea of the quality of service you need to provide to rank better than your competition.


Pick the Right Supplier for Your Store

When you are choosing suppliers, many may seem great when you look at their comments, reviews, and the products they offer, however, once you dig deeper into the business, you will discover that they don’t suit your customers.

This could be because of the materials they use, how they deal with returns, and the way they do business. Make sure you talk to suppliers and get to know how they do business before you commit to anything.

Even though you can choose not to use a dropshipping service company after problems arise, certain damage might be done and your business could be seriously impacted.


Dropshipping Suppliers to Avoid

It is hard to know which dropship suppliers to choose, however, there are some signs that a dropshipper should be avoided at all costs.

Apart from negative feedback, bad reviews, and cheap products, there are a few other factors that can predict a bad dropshipping supplier.

  • It is normal to have pre-order fees that increase depending on complexity or size of the order and decrease when ordering more products. The research will help you discover those suppliers that charge higher than the normal ones. It is best to stay away from them.
  • If a dropshipper supplier insists on ongoing or monthly fees to do business with them, this is not a good sign. Monthly or ongoing fees mean the supplier is part of a directory and not a single supplier.
  • Minimum order size is another thing to take into consideration when choosing a supplier. Usually, the supplier charges the minimum order fee and fulfill orders as they come. For example, if a supplier’s minimum order size is 100, you must pay for the 200 units up front. The supplier will fulfill the orders as they come in. Those who refuse to do so should be avoided as they are better for dropshipping wholesale.


Importance of Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping clothes suppliers are essential to every dropshipping business. Without suppliers, dropshipping businesses can’t sustain as they won’t have any products to sell to their customers.

It is important that you know how to find suppliers that will help your clothing business to thrive without any complications.


Benefits of Dropshipping from Two or More Suppliers

When it comes to dropshipping, there is no rule that you should rely on just one supplier to source your clothes. There are many benefits that come with using multiple dropshipping suppliers for your store.

  • More Products Available: When you are finding suppliers for your clothing store, you need to be thinking about the products that dropshippers are offering. If you are cooperating with multiple suppliers, you will be able to offer a wider variety of clothes for your store.
  • More Business Relationships: Relationships are important when dealing with dropshippers. Without them, you won’t have products to deliver to your buyers. This means that it is in your best interest to have a fruitful and positive relationship with the dropshipping service provider.
  • Access your Product Quality: When you are choosing suppliers to help you run your store you will want to know which can provide you with high-quality items. Working with multiple dropshipping suppliers can help you understand the quality of products.

Now you know how to choose the right dropshipping supplier for your clothing store. Time to make a decision!

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