Build a Business Sell Clothes Online: 7 Things Successful Brands Have in Common

So, you’ve started an online store for your brand and you are set to take the fashion industry by storm. You have a list of things you want to do, for example, drive traffic to your online store, establish a close relationship with your customers, etc. The key is getting noticed. So, what should a small fashion brand do to stick out amidst competition?

In order to stick out, you should try to fit in. Your brand should be you, you shouldn’t change your style or who you are. Instead, ask yourself what the most successful brands have in common and how you can implement these strategies to build your own business sell clothes online.

You don’t have to imitate their style, but share some of the things they all have in common.


They Are Unique

Uniqueness is the thing that your brand stands for and sets it apart from others. Apple’s built a unique brand on aspirational products while McDonald’s has done the opposite by building a brand that is accessible and family-friendly.

Consider the feel that “Dior” or “Chanel” have when compared with Zara or H&M. Price is one of the things that differentiate them. Establishing your brand is about finding the personality and determining who buys your clothes and why.

If your products are customizable, handmade or something else that set you apart, you need to focus on that aspect to gain recognition and build value over time.


They Know Their Customers

Every successful fashion brand knows exactly who their customers are. There are stores that sell everything to everyone, but most prosperous brands have a targeted audience and know the demographics of their audience.

Knowing your customers is important because sets the tone of your brand, your marketing strategies, and ensures you aren’t wasting resources to people who aren’t your potential buyers. Focusing on a targeted group will make it easier to build a community around your brand and your products. This will help you grow as a brand and reach new people.


They Have Loyal Buyers

Brand loyalty is one of the most important factors for running a successful online clothing store. It is difficult to convince people to stay loyal where there are so many brands to choose from. The good thing is that it is not impossible. Raising the value of your customers means offering products that will keep them coming back and recommending your products to friends and family based on their experience.


They Sell a Look

Successful clothing stores don’t just see individual products. No, they sell stylish, complete looks that inspire their buyers. As an online clothing business, you aren’t selling equipment but wearable art. When visitors stop by your store, you should know how to meet their needs and preferences.

All successful online stores are visual and inspirational. Brands like Net-a-porter don’t look like a store. Instead, it looks like a fashion magazine. Online shopping is done with the eyes. Having the right ecommerce platform makes it easy to create an online catalog or fashion magazine in your store.


They Are Excellent Visual Communicators

Big names in the fashion industry spend a lot of their money-making products that look modern and visually appealing. If you don’t have the budget to compete with the big brands, you can emulate their success by posting aspirational images of your collections. Offer as much visual information as possible for the customer to decide they want to purchase what you are selling.

Your product photography doesn’t have to look good. It needs to be detailed. It is important to include more than one photograph and ensure they are from multiple angles. You want to pay attention to details. Get close-ups of the texture and the fabric you are using so that customers can see all the details.


They Are Consistent

The most successful online clothing shops are able to keep customers coming back and recommending their family and friends by offering a pleasant shopping experience. Your user interface should be easy to use and the products easy to see. The product descriptions should fit your brand and be exciting to read.

Every product you ship should be up to your standards. The moment the customer completes the transaction by receiving the package, they are ready to do it again and again.


They Get Exposure

Big brands have a huge reach because of their marketing budgets and industry connections. You may not have a big budget or someone famous to push you through but that doesn’t mean you can’t become an established brand by gaining attention. The rise of social media has adjusted fashion to the point where startups and independent stores are able to reach more customers than ever before.

You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to narrow the gap between you and popular shops and billion-dollar competitors. Make sure to plan your social media strategy and focus on networks that will benefit your brand.

Big fashion labels have more experience and resources than you, but people come to your store for your brand’s uniqueness and because they want something more special.

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